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A Special Prayer Just For You
A Special Simple Message Of Truth
Mom's 85th Birthday

Mike & Frances 50th Anniversary
I Talk To The Trees
Pictures from our Summer Trip

Gold, Silver & Diamond Calculator

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What I Owe my Mother - By Barbara Di Gilio - for Mother's

Don't Leave It On The Desk

Choices - Roy S Aguayo © 2014

The Bible & The Old Wicker Coal Basket

Breakfast at McDonald's

Grandma's Wisdom

Grandma's Wisdom is a letter given to a friend of mine before her marriage...when I read it, I cried. Chris' grandma, soon to be 80th in 2008 I'm told, has great wisdom, enjoy the lesson.

2008 Liberty Cries
Old Forty Fives.com
God, Christmas Eve and the Geese
Pictures of our New Home
The Rich Family in the Church A true story by Eddie Ogan Spanish Version
A Baby No More by Barbara Di Gilio - Happy Birthday Yeshua
I Love Your Word!
Litany of Consolation
Psalm 83 A Prayer For Israel
God Would Like You To
How Great Thou Art
The ABC Of Dream
The Bill of Non-Rights
The Travail of the Flag by Shelli Jones Baker
From Sea To Shining Sea
We'll Go Forward From This Moment

We Must Remember Sept. 11th - A Tribute
The Pentagon Remembered Sept. 11th - A Tribute
Oneness - A Poem Sept. 11th - A Tribute
I Will Not Forget Sept. 11th - A Tribute

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Please take the time to read them, say a prayer for the families and remember!
These are large files so they take time to load.

The Value Of A Penny
Mercy Quotes
The "U" in Yeshua (Jesus)
A Prayer For America - Max Lucado

Declaration Of Independence
The Bill of Right
Constitution for the United States of America

Pledge of Allegiance & Red Skelton - For our Veterans
Let Us Pray For Our Nation
Storms Of Life
Eagle In A Storm
Prints Of Elbows On My Bed
Believers Alphabet Poem
Books Of The Bible In Hebrew
Because The LORD Is My Shepherd - Psalm 23
An Indian Version Of The Twenty-Third Psalm
Isaiah Chapter 53
Psalm 22
Nothing On My Own
A Child's Testimony
The Surgeon
Be Glad & Rejoice
To My Grown-Up Daughters

Thorns and Thrones
Thanksgiving Thorns Bouquet
Jewish Holidays -- 1998 To 2017
Pathway To Pain
From An Aborted Child
The Trial

What God Can Do With 57 Cents
The Table Cloth
A Blessing For The Home
It's Jewish
Important Recall
Messiah’s Portrait
Believe In Your Heart
The Names of Our Lord Yeshua (Jesus), Name above all names!
A Tiny Angel
The Question
The Wedding
Heavens Grocery Store
A Cup Of Wisdom
Living Water
Kindling Sabbath Lights In The Soul

"Fun Things"

If Women Ruled The World
A Parable of Two Frogs

Poetry by ZAP
My Hawaiian Vacation - By ZAP
Casa Grande Ruins - By ZAP

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The Prophetic Word
"A Fresh Word"

What a festival looks like: The Sukkot pictures take a few minutes to load
See Messianic Believers with joy celebrate this Feast's of the LORD!

An Arizona Take On Bridges For Peace
Denver 2000 Conference
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If BFP comes to your area, you should go...!

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