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Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet,
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Teaching & Meditations by Rev. Barbara Di Gilio

What I Owe my Mother - Barbara Di Gilio
59 Bible Verses about Guidance i.e. God's Wisdom A Barbara Di Gilio MHM Teaching Tool

The Invisible War Spiritual Warfare A Barbara Di Gilio MHM Teaching Tool

Being Still Barbara Di Gilio

To Weather the Storm, any Storm - Have NO Fear of the Storm Barbara Di Gilio

So What Do You Think? A Provocative Study - Barbara Di Gilio 2015 PDF Book

The Mystery of the Tzitzit on the Hebrew Prayer Shawl - A Provocative Study on the Value of the Tzitzit
- Barbara Di Gilio
2015 PDF Book

Epiphaneia - The Appearing - Barbara Di Gilio 2015 PDF Book

What is Biblical HOPE? A word for 2015 - Barbara Di Gilio 2015

Biblical Evidence for Contracted Instinctive Sin Barbara Di Gilio 2015 PDF

Take NO Thought Barbara Di Gilio 2014

Proclamations on Behalf of Israel (Belivers can pray during their prayer time) Barbara Di Gilio 2014

Twelve Steps To Victorious Living From The Letter To The Hebrews Barbara Di Gilio 2014

The Lord's Prayer - Forgiveness and its Power Barbara Di Gilio 2019

Disputatious Spirit Barbara Di Gilio

Kavanah Barbara Di Gilio

A Prayer of Deliverance Barbara Di Gilio

Praying for the Unsaved Barbara Di Gilio

The Road to Emmaus Revisited Barbara Di Gilio

Green Pastures Barbara Di Gilio

Gates Of Wonder Barbara Di Gilio

Pain No More Barbara Di Gilio

It's a Mulligan Barbara Di Gilio

A Speaking in Tongues Bible Study Barbara Di Gilio & the Late Donald C. Stamps

Divine Healing Barbara Di Gilio & the Late Donald C. Stamps 2014

A Confession Booklet Barbara Di Gilio

My Trip - My Sacred Quest - Growth through Love & Loss Barbara Di Gilio

God's Word Of Encouragement For Israel Part I & Part Two -- Barbara Di Gilio
Dear Jewish Friend Barbara Di Gilio
Messianic Prophecies About Yeshua (Jesus) --

Tell me one more time, 'What do the Rabbis say about Isaiah 53?'
I Am The Way, The Truth & The Life - John 14:6 Barbara Di Gilio --A true story
The Triunity of God & Why I Believe Yeshua (Jesus) is God! Barbara Di Gilio
What is Replacement Theology? What is Supersessionism? Barbara Di Gilio 2014

Yoseph: A Word Picture Of Messiah Barbara Di Gilio
What is Faith? Barbara Di Gilio
Is It Really Jewish To Believe In Jesus? Barbara Di Gilio
Remember The Sabbath Day - Keep It Set Apart Barbara Di Gilio

Who Locked Up Israel's Hearing? Barbara Di Gilio 2018
A Fresh look at the Jewish Wedding Barbara Barbara Di Gilio 2014
A Fresh Look At The Biblical Hebrew Calendar Part I & Part II Barbara Di Gilio
The AlephBet Enigma of the Word "Mystery" Barbara Di Gilio

Psalm 119:18 Barbara Di Gilio
The Message of Yeshua "Our Problem" Barbara Di Gilio
Lamentations Pt. 1 & 2 Barbara Di Gilio
Sounding the Shofar Barbara Di Gilio

The Sabbath - Getting The Point! Barbara Di Gilio
What are we all about? Barbara Di Gilio
. How Do I Pray? Barbara Di Gilio
Ani Maamin - I Believe Barbara Di Gilio

Messianic Apologetics Barbara Di Gilio
8 Steps To A New Beginning Barbara Di Gilio
Where Does "The Divine Presence" Dwell? Part I & II Barbara Di Gilio
An Ancient Hebrew Prayer Barbara Di Gilio

. It Is Finished! Barbara Di Gilio
The Didache, A Very Jewish Document! Barbara Di Gilio
The Sin Abortion Barbara Di Gilio 2013
The Eighth Winding - The Eighth Day - Shmini Atzeret Barbara Di Gilio

For Unto Us a Child is Born: The Debate of Timing Barbara Di Gilio
"An Academic Essay" [ The truth about the 24th of Kislev/December and The Birth of Messiah ]

The article below is the older longer version of this article. We have the older one up do to all the requests
for it.
For Unto Us: Haggai Prophecy Part I & Part II Barbara Di Gilio

Did God Give Moses Two Covenants? Barbara Di Gilio 2012
Is the New Covenant hidden in the Torah (the first 5 book of Moses?)
Read this 4 part teaching article and find out that God did!

(Once again, we have added to this teaching article, we pray you will enjoy the insights we have found.
We are only linking only to part 1, part 2,3, & 4 are found at the bottom of each page.)

A Mayim Hayim Book Review Of "After The Rapture" A New Book By Jerry Dart

The RX (Prescription) For Today Christians

Hebrew Perspectives RX 1 Rev. Barbara Di Gilio -
Hebrew Perspectives RX 2 Rev. Barbara Di Gilio -
Hebrew Perspectives RX 3 Rev. Barbara Di Gilio - 2014
Hebrew Perspectives RX 4 by Dwight A. Pryor
Hebrew Perspectives RX 5 by Wayne Leman -
Hebrew Perspectives RX 6 by Paul Keith Davis -
Hebrew Perspectives RX 7 by Dr. Robert L. Lindsey
Hebrew Perspectives RX 8 by Berkeley and Alvera Mickelsen

Now you can hear my Audio The Throne Room,
and read the words too...
The Word to My Visit to The Throne Room

Glossary of Hebraic Biblical Theological Terms
Glossary of Theological Christian Terms
Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
Hebrew Transliterated Glossary

Zachary's Pages

Monument Valley Arizona

Zachary A. Papuga is my grandson, the first child born into my family. He was born in 1990 and I had 7 Rainbow signs at his birth that God had made covenant with me. Too many sign to share here, but I'll tell you of two. The night before his birth a bright blue colored Rainbow appeared in the church where I was attending, that was on a Sunday night at 7:12pm. The next morning when I got up after my son in-law called telling me my daughters water had broken and they were headed over to the hospital, that same bright blue Rainbow hung over the hospital where he was born, no joking right over the Thunderbird Hospital. Zachary (meaning: One whom God Remembers), was a supernatural sign from God to me. God was telling me "Your prayers have been answered Barbara." He was the start of "Blessings" that our whole family would receive in the coming years. Zachary has the heart of king David, and he loves God with everything in him, but it is hard to live for God in this fast decaying world. I hope that in the coming days I will put up more of his writings. Comments are always welcomed, but send them to me and I'll past them on to him, thanks.

Perspective by Zachary A. Papuga -

More coming...

Teachings By Many Others...

The Book Of Enoch Translated from Ethiopic by Richard Laurence, London, 1883

Before the Foundation of The World by Messianic Teacher Asher Intrater
Asher is one of the founders of Tikkun Ministries International with Dan Juster and Eitan Shishkoff

Praying in the Name of Christ - The Messiah by Thomas Boston

The Rapture in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 by Dr. Thomas Ice

The Hidden Benefits of Praise 2014

Early Church Teaching On Pre-Tribulation Rapture by Grant Jeffrey

Evidence Upon Evidence by Norman Manzon

In Defense of Israel by Pastor John Hagee
--------This a a MUST READ REVIEW of the book by Richard Amiel McGough of

What's Love Got To Do With It? by Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

Abandoning Yeshua by Dr. Daniel Juster

Proof that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah

The Messiah - Objections and Evidence by Jews for Jesus

Who Pastored the Early Church?

Who Is A Jew? by John McTernan & Louis Ruggiero

Why Are We Here? by Ralph Pahlow

Why Is Bible Translation So Hard? - by John Krieger

The Ten Commandments in the Age of Grace -- A Message from the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee
The Anitidote to Anti-Semitism -- A Message from the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee

In honor of the six million who died in the Holocaust - For Yom HaShoah

Ancient Messianic Synagogue Seal - Article by Evangelical Press News Service
Israel's Messianic Jews And The Deity Of Yeshua: An Update --By David H. Stern

This article was written for the magazine "Israel Today," July 2002 issue and is reprinted here with permission of the author.

Wonders In The Ukraine -- by Harlon & Joyce Picker of Beth Yachad Congregation
Yeshua Messiah - Messiah of the Rabbinical Writers -- by
The Triunity (Trinity) of God in The Old Testament -- by Rich Deem
The Messiah's Hebrew Name: "Yeshua" Or "Yahshua"? -- by Dr. Daniel Botkin
Under His Wings -- by Pastor Bill Hybel - Hurting people need a refuge from their distress!
The Ephraimite Error -- by Kay Silberling, Ph.D.
The Giant Greater than Goliath -- by the late Dr. Lawrence Duff-Forbes

Heresy And Heretics: Identidcation And Response - by Rabbi Loren Jacob's
Old and New Testaments: Continuity or Discontinuity? - by Rabbi Loren Jacob's
God's Names, Titles and Descriptions -- by Rabbi Loren Jacobs
Rabbi Loren Jacobs - Messianic Machzor - Messianic Prayer Book on his web site

Jerusalem Above, Jerusalem Below - by Lambert Dolphin
The Sabbath and The Savior --by Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D.
The Star of Bethlehem --by Craig Chester
Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Isaiah 53
Isaiah Chapter 53
The Suffering Servant -And You! by Fred Klett
PaRDeS - the Four Levels of Interpretation From YashaNet
Study Scriptural Fasting Start the New Year off right by fasting!
Jihad In America - A Steve Emerson Production - A must see Video has been taken down off the web!
You may buy it from by going to Victor Mordecai's web page.

Gideon's Trumpet - A timely article: By Douglas D. Webster
Service of Repentance [By the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary - Canaan in the Desert]
Women In Leadership [By Lenore Lindsey Mullican] Great Article!
This article is also on our
Woman Restored page.
Techelet - Tzitzit And Woman In The Talmud 2014
The Techelet in the Zohar
Historical Facts About Middle East Conflict
The Necessity Of Being Pro-Life [Article by Rabbi David Hargis]

How Good Is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley
A must read for all you who still think you need to work for your salvation.

The Real Audio Library of the Greats:

Lambert Dolphin's

Chuck Missler - Getting Serious about the Bible

Messages From Around The World

Studies & Sermons by Pastor CSJ Claassen

The Evening Wolf
Three Loaves Of Bread
The Talith - Hebrew Prayer Mantle

The Goldfields Revival Centre
Visit Pastor Claassen web site and tell him we said hello: Welkom, South Africa

Articles below are by the Late Rabbi Mike Short of Blessed Memory

Mayim Hayim Ministries Passover Service Led by Rabbi Mike Short

Sign In The Forehead [Two Part Article]
Miracle of The Virgin Birth
The Way, The Truth, and The Life
The Aaronic Blessing - Part I & II [Two Part Article]
Migdal Edar - O Tower Of The Flock
Why Study Hebrew Or The Jewish Roots of the Gospel?
Service Of The Heart A Great Article
Why Bad Things Happen To Good People Or Why Good Things Happen To Bad People?
When Did Sunday Become The Sabbath?
How Passover became Easter? [Two Part Article]

Teaching from: "Ha Davar Word Studies"

The Rapture and The 70th Week

Articles For The Festival Season

How Passover became Easter - [New Two Part Article] by Rabbi Mike Short
Ruth's Loyalty - Jewish Loyalty - Our Loyalty A Teaching On Shavuot
T’shuvah By Rabbi Yosef McBride of "Kehilat Beit Yehudah"
Chanukah's Relationship To The Prophecies Of The Second Temple Period
Meaning & Celebration of the Feast of Chanukah-The Victory over Darkness! By Gilbert & Sabrina Suard 2004

Moorhead's Pages

G.A. Moorhead's Pages - Chai Letters

Brother Allen no longer leads a Chai group, but we have chosen to leave his wonderful teaching articles up, enjoy!

Jewish Testimonies & More...

These are stories of miracles! Jewish People who have come to understand and believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah Israel has longed for. Each story will be a unique one, but one factor will be clear in all, God is in search of man, and that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God sent His Son Yeshua into the world not to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved (delivered)." -- John 3:16-17

Rabbi Sam Stern - Haderech - The Way, the teaching of the late Sam Stern, an Orthodox Rabbi born in Poland. He was an Orthodox Rabbi before coming to know his Messiah, Yeshua. The Rabbi wrote one book entitled: The Victory of Light, and its still available for small fee. Read the inspiring story of the late Rev. Sam Stern, who was born in Poland and ordained as a Rabbi. After I read Rabbi Stern's book, I saw for the first time what it meant to love God with all your being. This man was so faithful to God and His Word. A VERY POWERFUL BOOK! This book would make one great movie...!
Here is Sam's Index Page

Simon Greenleaf - The Testimony of the Evangelists
Paul's Story
Rabbi Loren's Jacobs Story

"Remarkable Testimonies"

The stories that will be placed here will be Testimonies of the "Supernatural" occurrences. We will do our part to bring you stories that will let you see that it is "God who is in search of Mankind." We will also do our best to make sure that the stories we bring to you are true, to the best of our ability we will seach the story out first before putting it up. However, we are only human, and if we find out that a story is untrue, we will put the story off this page.

A Child's Testimony
Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu

Muslim & Hindu Testimonies

Testimony of Adel Mohammed El Naggar A former Muslim
The Testimony of Kartar Singh A Martyr of the Faith

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